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Vicki walked into the amazing garden. She couldn’t believe how breathtakingly beautiful it was. Everything was so vivid. It was almost like a dream. Then, she noticed a woman in a white dress approaching her. She smiled at the woman warmly.

“Hello. Is this your garden? It’s quite stunning.”

The queen looked towards the stranger in the palace gardens and smiled brightly upon a fresh face. “Hello!” She welcomed happily as she made her way over and nodded her head, whilst giving a curtsy. “Why yes, this is my garden.” She couldn’t help her dark lips curving even more into a bigger smile upon being told her garden - well the palace garden - being stunning.

"My name is Mirana, The White Queen, it is very nice to meet you."

notwhileimaround5832-deactivate asked: “ Toby wandered around, dazed and confused. He had no idea where he was and had already encountered strange and magical things. He approached a pure white castle and the white court. For some reason, he was drawn towards the woman with long white and wavy hair. "Um, excuse me, ma'am," he whimpered "where am I?" ”

The queen was with her court when she had been spotted by the young man. She had just dismissed the women and men when she was approached. She turned around with a smile across her darkly coloured lips as she nodded her head in a manner to say that he was excused. “Why, my dear, this is Marmoreal - I am the White Queen, who are you?” She asked smiling as she kept her arms raised in her normal unique trait.


Hatter and Hare… Oh goodness, the much needed giggles and smiles they gave me when I logged on and looked through my dash (why couldn’t I have forced myself out of bed three hours ago, I’m so lazy)… All I can say:

wonderfullymadhats asked: “ "Majesty, is it alright if I vent to you?" She asks, biting her lip nervously and hiding her face behind her hair. ”

"You wish to vent to me, did you say?" The queen asked, tilting her head and looking towards the girl before her. They had met, right? She was sure they had. "What is it, child?" Mirana pondered as she made her way over, and waved her hands, that were still in the air, towards two chairs by a tea table set up.

To Mamoreal! (Alice, Mirana, Hatter)



Alice smiled lightly, before curtsying, tucking a piece of golden hair behind her ear. It was always nice to see that White Queen again; thought Alice always suspected that she had a hidden love for the same violence that she sought to ignore— she would never say this suspicions aloud because she was sure that the White Queen would deny them, which Alice thought was enough not to say anything in the first place.

“Hello, it’s been quite awhile.” Alice said lightly with a small laugh. “How have things been here?” She asked.

Tarrant bowed in respect in front of Mirana. Upon raising up, he started to explain why they sought out her help. “Your grace, it seems there is a problem in the main Underland Garden. The roses that were imprisoned by the Red Queen were never freed, and were dying.” He then smiled and took pride in the fact he and Alice rescued them in the nick of time. “Alice and I watered them though, but they need some more care, since they are afraid of any visitors, and who better than you, your majesty, to nurse them!” The Hatter exclaimed and clapped his hands together at his idea.

The White Queen looked between her Champion and her Hatter as she smiled brightly upon the fact she had seen neither of them in quite some time. It had been very lonely at the palace without anyone to keep her company that wasn’t a member of her court and going by her every whim – even if she did that she enjoyed that. Being fussed over, with that having happened since she was little she was very much used to getting her own way.

“Things have been splendid here, Alice, thank you.” She smiled towards her champion, nodding her head, her waves tickling her neck. “I do hope that you’ve been enjoying yourself when you were away.” Her attention was now sought by the Hatter as she listened to what he was saying. Her eyes widened upon the horror that she was hearing about the poor roses. Her dark lips parted as she attempted to think of what to say.

“That’s horrible.” She was about to continue but then the Hatter explained how the poor dears were watered – by them – and she smiled quite proudly of them. “Well I must thank you both very much.” She thanked before looking between them once again and back towards the Hatter who had the idea of her going to the roses and taking care of them. “Well of course I will.” She proudly extended her neck as the glim of the light made her crown reflect. “I would love nothing more than to take care of the flowers, they need all the tender love and care that they deserve – and more.”

Mirana looked towards Alice as she moved her hand forward and clasped her champion’s in her own as a wickedly bright smile appeared across her painted lips. “Do tell me, Alice dear, just how long are planning on staying this time?” The queen was so thrilled to have her back; the idea of Alice disappearing again was something she did not want. She knew that so many people – the Hatter included – enjoyed Alice being in Underland… and who was a queen without her champion?

eyeballdumplings asked: “ Her eyes were wide as she scanned the white, pristine beauty through the quiet, harmless envy of her little heart. Sparkling eyes reminded her of fresh chocolate, ivory hair that matched the vibrant sheen of silk and a frame that was delicate and pleasing to most anyone and anything. In awe, voice breathy with admiration, the humble girl spoke: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" ”

Mirana looked upon the girl that seemed to be taking in that of her appearance and hearing the words of asking if she was a good witch or a bad witch couldn’t help but find her heart beating a little faster that the girl thought she was such a thing. Mirana’s dark lips curved into a soft smile as she shook her head, her crown gleaming in the light. “My dear, I am not a witch.” She gave a melodious smile. Although Mirana did have some magical abilities of her own. “I am a Queen - the White Queen.”




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     ” T-t-the White Queen! Sure is a pleasure t’ be seein’ ye again! hEHehEH! ..Suppose I should be off wiv’ me chef duties now!

Mirana looked towards the Hare and grinned waving her hand elegantly through the air. “Why hello!” She made her way towards the Hare and shook her head, her hair brushing her neck as she looked down. “I would much prefer your company, Thackery.”

Thackery gives off one of his most rabid pleasant grins as he came to the White Queens presence. He was absolutely pleased indeed; his broad, nervy eyes finally meeting with those of Mirina’s more kind and gentle ones. ” Oh..? hEhEH silly me. But I apologize for me own absence…. But sure is mighty great t’ be seein’ ye again, yer majesty! ” His own delirious alacrity already taking suit, he gives another unearthly chuckle out of friendly content. “How’ve ye been fairin’ anywho?!”

"Well of course I’d forgive your absentmindedness." Mirana spoke as she glided over towards the March Hare before moving down upon her knees to be at better height with her dear friend. Her dark lips curved into a brilliant smile as she placed her hands towards her head, touching her crown quite proudly. "I am fairing very well, thank you." She replied to his question as she tilted her head, studying the way the Hare was reacting to her - why she had missed his craziness around the palace - it had in fact been very quiet and boring without him - even when he was only in the kitchen. "How have you been, dear friend?"

wonderfullymadhats asked: “ She smiles at flower. "My name's Wonder. Truly 'tis a pleasure!" She plays with the hem of her light blue dress. ”

Mirana clasped her hands towards her chest as she looked towards the youngster - my she was so cute. “Wonder?” Her head tilted as her dark lips pouted - she was called Wonder, that was quite wonderfully coincidental to what Alice would call Underland. “Well isn’t that a marvelous name?”